Upgrade Drupal 5.x to Drupal 6.x

27 September 2008
1. Login by super admin (user id = 1) 2. Check the add-on module for support new Drupal version (checked by Update status module) 3. If all add-on modules support for new version, disable and uninstall Update status module 4. Turn your site to off-line mode 5. Disable all add-on modules 6. Switch to basic theme (Garland) 7. Backup database (phpMyAdmin) 8. Backup all files of Drupal 5.x, especially for .htaccess and robots.txt in root (Drupal) directory 9. Delete all files in root (Drupal) directory, without "files" folder and "themes and modules" folder inside /sites/all/*/ 10. Copy all files of new version to root (Drupal) directory 11. Upgrade all add-on modules and themes in /sites/all/*/, by replacement 12. Open /update.php in web browser 13. Click continue and update, and wait a minute 14. Well done, check status report 15. Enable all add-on modules 16. Open /update.php again, for update add-on modules 17. Click continue and update, and wait again 18. Well done, check status report 19. Switch to selected theme 20. Turn your site back to online mode, finish ! Special thanks: @kengggg @sugree @markpeak and drupal.in.th