Surf Maximum Space with Firefox 3 in 12-inch Monitor

My PowerBook G4 12-inch supported maximum resolution in 1024 x 768 pixels, in today it is very small for my internet lifestyle. I try to search for many solution to config (hide Tab Bar) for minimum appearance in Firefox 3. I found the way for my need, the extension in this case: Tab Sidebar + Toobar Buttons. Result: I have more space for surf 1009 x 666 pixels. more space in firefox 3 The solution: 0. Install extension Tab Sidebar and Toolbar Buttons in first. 1. Open sidebar (Tab Sidebar) with toolbar button (or View menu) for use sidebar (I config for "Hide the tab bar when the sidebar is open".) 2. Close sidebar with "close sidebar button" to hide sidebar. 3. Use "Show Tab List" for switch between the tabs. 4. Use "Close Open Tab or Window" for close current tab. more space in firefox 3 Yes, It is work. Remark: If you have the better way, please tell me. And I need to use TwitterFox and Screengrab! in available. If you know how-to move it out from Status Bar to Toolbar, please advise me too.
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